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GnuPG Signing Policy

All public keys signed with keys 0xD113FCAC3C4E599F (RSA 4096 bit, current), 0xA9ADB7F8AE4E425C (RSA, 2048 bit, obsolete) and 0xB6DCB02CCD1A52B9 (RSA, 2048 bit, PGP 2.x compatible, obsolete) have been verified by face-to-face contact and checking of the key owners passport or national id.

E-Mail adresses are not checked (although they are usually used to arrange the meeting). Date, city and country of birth are checked if they are included in the key uid.

Instructions (like "Don't use the following e-mail address:" or "Please prefer this key: 0x12345") must be confirmed by the key owner during the meeting.

This policy may be advanced to fit yet unseen information in a public key