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MATLAB is a terrible programming language

I consider it fairly uncontroversial that, as a programming language, MATLAB is a terrible choice. However, I found out that to some people this isn't actually obvious at all - especially when their first exposure to programming was through MATLAB. Explaining why the MATLAB language is so bad isn't easy to do in a quick hallway conversation, so I wrote this blog post as a resource I can refer people to.

My experience

I recently found myself in the situation of wanting to get out of a lease before its contractual maturity date. The most cost-effective way to do so is to transfer the lease to someone else. is one of the companies that promises to bring together people for such transactions.

BTRFS Reliability - a datapoint

A little while ago I blogged about SSD caching under Linux and promised to report back should I encounter any problems with the (rather complex) stack of btrfs on dm-crypt on lvm on bcache. I have now run this setup for several months and indeed encountered a few issues.

Why you should give Mercurial a shot

Git has arguable become the most widely used version control system in the open-source and free software communities. However, if you can live without GitHub and don't need to manage a code base as large as e.g. the Linux kernel, you are much better of using Mercurial. Here is why.